Wall-Mounted Fixtures

Wall-mounted fixtures are lighting fixtures that are affixed to walls, providing illumination while also serving as decorative elements in interior spaces. These fixtures come in various styles, sizes, and designs, catering to different lighting needs and design preferences. Here are some common types of wall-mounted fixtures:


Wall sconces are decorative fixtures that are mounted directly onto walls, typically at eye level or above, to provide ambient, task, or accent lighting.

They come in a wide range of designs, including traditional, contemporary, and eclectic styles, and can feature various materials such as metal, glass, or fabric shades.

Sconces can have upward, downward, or dual-lighting configurations, allowing for different lighting effects and moods.

Swing-Arm Lamps:

Swing-arm lamps are wall-mounted fixtures with adjustable arms that can be swung out and positioned as needed to provide task lighting.

They are popular choices for bedside reading, home offices, or other areas where directed lighting is required.

Swing-arm lamps often feature a pivoting head or shade for further adjustability.

Picture Lights:

Picture lights are narrow, focused fixtures designed to illuminate artwork, photographs, or other wall-mounted displays.

They typically feature a straight arm or bar with a light source that shines downward onto the artwork, enhancing its visibility and visual impact.

Wall Washers:

Wall washers are fixtures that provide uniform and diffuse illumination across a vertical surface, such as a wall or textured backdrop.

They are commonly used for accent lighting to highlight architectural features, textured walls, or decorative elements.

Wall washers may have wide beam angles and adjustable heads to achieve the desired lighting effect.

Wall Lanterns:

Wall lanterns are outdoor wall-mounted fixtures commonly used for illuminating entryways, patios, or outdoor living spaces.

They come in various styles, including traditional lantern designs, modern sconces, or rustic fixtures, and are constructed from weather-resistant materials such as metal or glass.

Vanity Lights:

Vanity lights, also known as bathroom sconces or bath bars, are wall-mounted fixtures commonly installed above or beside bathroom mirrors.

They provide task lighting for grooming activities such as shaving or applying makeup and come in a variety of styles and finishes to complement different bathroom aesthetics.

LED Wall Panels:

LED wall panels are sleek, modern fixtures that provide indirect and diffused lighting, creating a soft and even illumination across the wall surface.

They are energy-efficient options for ambient lighting in living rooms, corridors, or commercial spaces, and can be integrated into architectural features or decorative installations.

When choosing wall-mounted fixtures, consider factors such as the intended lighting purpose, the room's decor style, the desired ambiance, and the fixture's size and scale in relation to the wall space. Additionally, ensure proper installation by following manufacturer guidelines and consulting with a qualified electrician if necessary.